What to do if everyone is at Afronation except you?



Today is the last day of Afronation as far as believe, and the last time I checked I am still NOT THERE.

If you didn’t know Afronation is an international music festival with famous Afrobeats/Afro-wave/Afro-fusion and UK acts such as Burna Boy, Davido, D Banj, Afro B, Not3s, Wizkid in Portugal which as been from the 2nd to the 4th of August this year.

Every influencer, blogger, personality and just lit people are there. Clearly I am not lit enough.

It Is Not Everyday…..

Every Snapchat and Insta story and post is all about Portimao, Portugal, Afronation, Burna Boy, Zanku’ing, Shots, Alcohol and you need to rest please. It is wonderful seeing black people enjoying and living your best life but there is serious FOMO. There are some serious stupendous confectionaries out there for real however, some people are just wanting to have a relaxing Sunday.

So, what do you do if everyone is Afronation except you?

  1. Cannot get salty. The tickets came out and you had just as much time to get patterned and sort out the lituation.
  2. Go gym, so your body is ready for the 2020 Afronation and the summer.
  3. Drink water and mind your business, it is still summer even though you aren’t in Portugal.
  4. Go out with your friends to an Afrobeats party and have your own Afronation!
  5. Carry on as normal, you ain’t dead sha, you are not there that is all.
  6. Remove yourself from social media till tomorrow, your feed will be overwhelmed with snaps and insta posts and tweets so allow it babes. Can’t be getting hypertension over a few snaps.
  7. Make up with carnival, its carnival season. Go out and prosper.
  8. Live your best life and enjoyment!
  9. Be happy cause you have saved money and won’t be living on meal deals until August 31st,

Life will return back to normal by the latest Tuesday and everyone will be back to work, so stay calm babes.

Did you go or didn’t go Afronation? Are you missing out?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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