Do you want to be half girlfriend and boyfriend? #LoveIsland

This year’s Love Island is finally getting spicy with this whole Amy/Curtis drama. It’s a mazeen!

Half Girlfriend?

So, a bit of background Amy and Curtis got together from the first week and we saw their relationship go further. What do you know about being a half girlfriend?!

Best believe if a boy offered me to be his half girlfriend, I will break his head. A whole me, you know. You must be mad. If I am your half girlfriend, then I will be half invested in the relationship.

So deep in my feelings..

Then again, Amy is 26 and never been in a proper relationship so she might have thought it was the next step to a relationship. Also, Amy was too observant and took things too seriously, this guy ain’t your husband – you don’t know him from Adam, and you are constantly all in your feelings.

Amy got rattled in a few situations and Curtis seemed to always apologise for his actions, for example the kissing challenge when Curtis scored Amy’s kiss lower than another girl who he believed was Amy. That’s the first pink flag, how can you be with a girl for 3 weeks and another girl comes and lips you and your memory is missing. It’s too peak.

Amy should have realised from then, or taken a mental note that Curtis wasn’t feeling her that way or something might be missing from their relationship.

Casa Amor

Then comes Casa Amor when heads start doing a young 360-degree turn. Everyone and their Mum were convinced Curtis and Amy’s head wasn’t going to turn and they were made for each other. Amy was loyal which was bit risky considering the kissing challenge and the fact they weren’t the nations favourite.

Then Curtis head turned, and he realised he didn’t really like Amy like that.

Listen it the prize is £50k, I will like you like that.

Now you want to remember that you don’t like her, and she isn’t your type and personality. My friend collect your brain from Mexico and engage it.

Lessons Learnt..

This my friend is a lesson of not putting all your eggs in one basket cause you will get burnt. When dating, be open and make sure you go on dates and repeat dates with a lot of people, so you get to know what you like or dislike.

Curtis was also drained in the sense of Amy’s insecurity, yes you can tell your babes you look great each day but if she or he doesn’t believe then what is the point? You can use all the adverbs and adjectives you want but if you don’t believe then it’s long for you. Self-love is important!

Another thing you can learn is to be true to yourself. I’ve said it before you cannot fake feelings unless you are getting trips to Dubai. Why force feelings, just to say someone is your half boyfriend? Listen to yourself, if things don’t feel right then act or talk up otherwise don’t complain when things start to move mad.

A huge lesson to take away from this is communication. Curtis fumbling the bag was due to a lack of communication. He needed to address the issues he had with Amy one away and then move along with it. You can only go so far when you don’t communicate, and things don’t go right. If you have to go your sperate ways, then do it.

Basically don’t fumble the bag like Curtis, communicate with your chest and try not and hurt anyone in the process.

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