Weather and Inconsistency

Hey, I am back. I took an unscheduled break but life has to get lived even in these times.

I can hear you say – how does weather and inconsistency link? The answer is people.

My friends, this UK weather is not consistent. Monday to Wednesday it rains and then Thursday to Saturday it is 27 degrees.

Excuse me nature, read the room. Follow the seasons. Thank you, management.

I lived in this UK all my life and I still cannot work out this weather. All I know is that I need to bring a spare jacket, an umbrella and wellingtons as well as SPF 30. Pardon!

This is like SOME people. (Why is it always the one you like?) I still can’t work them out. One week, they are speaking to you nonstop and then the days after that you are left on read.

Am I a Whatsapp chain message from your Aunty??

When getting to know a person, consistency is important. I am trying to see if you are a right fit for me but I can’t decide as your actions/thoughts and communication differs on a regular basis.

Why am I spending time investing in a useless guy or job or friend who cannot communicate consistently and effectively? Where is my ROI except unprovoked stress and frustration?

In interviews you are telling prospective employers that you are an ‘effective communicator’ but you don’t reply to my WhatsApp message for over 72 hours. *hands on head*

‘Either you are going to be consistent or non existent’

Look how many people are confused about the British weather. Do you know why, because it is inconsistent! Do I need a jacket today? Where do I stand with the weather/relationship/friendship? Answer – 5 marks!

In this 2020, when everything is so uncertain – consistency is something we need.

Peace until next time,

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