Veganuary 2020

Do you know anyone or you yourself has participated in Veganuary this year?

2020 has seen a real drive and push to encourage people to adopt a more plant based lifestyle and give up meat, fish and dairy products.

Personally, I tried the challenge and for the most part I have kept up. I have massively reduced my meat intake, I don’t really do dairy (cause I am lactose intolerant) and I am not too bothered about fish.

All the high street food places have made such an effort for Veganuary and for vegans who actually adopt this plant based lifestyle – it is wonderful to see. Most restaurants you go to have an entire vegan menu if not a decent selection of vegan options so it is good. It is not every day avo on toast you know or a tofu bowl. Sometimes it’s a jackfruit wrap or a meatless spaghetti and meatballs.

I’ve tried out a fair few vegan options the high street food chains have released, and there is some really good options (NSG)


  1. Vegan friendly 60p donut (A glazed donut) – Rating 4 of 5 broccoli trees
    1. Price point is great
    2. Texture is lovely
    3. The price is really great LOL
    4. It isn’t too sweet and taste very similar to a Krispy Kreme
  2. Vegan steak bake £1.55 (A pastry filled with Quorn, onions in a rich gravy)- Rating 3 of 5 broccoli trees
    1. Price is reasonable but a little cheeky compared to the other vegan options
    2. Texture is a little soft
    3. Had a rich savoury which was nice
    4. Didn’t have a real flavour and average so wouldn’t rush to buy it again


  1. Vegan Burger £3.99 – (A Quorn fillet seasoned with 11 herbs and spices in bun with vegan mayo) – Rating 4.2 of 5 broccoli trees
    1. Price point is good
    2. Texture was on point, tasted like Quorn but not a horrible meat substitute
    3. The flavour was banging, it really tasted like southern fried chicken
    4. Was really good and I enjoyed it as a meat eater and would buy it again


  1. Meatless Meatball Mariana sandwich – (A plant based non-meatballs with mariana sauce topped with vegan cheese) – Rating 4.1 broccoli trees
    1. Unable to find price but probably £3.99 so a good price
    2. So excited that they have vegan cheese and I can yes to ‘cheese and toasted’ #WIN
    3. Flavour on point and the texture wasn’t mush it was a solid meatless meatball
    4. Very good plant based alternative

I am still yet to try

  • Café Nero’s vegan cheesecake
  • Costa raspberry croissant
  • Starbucks – Vegan mac and cheese
  • Yo Sushi’s vegan menu

Have you tried any vegan dishes? What did you think?

Peace until next time,

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