Valentine Is Coming, Where’s Your Boyfriend?

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Where is he?

I honestly, don’t know but if you know, holla at your girl.

Sis don’t block your blessings. The guy in the friendzone could be your future husband or the girl in the friendzone could be your future wife brothers.

This Valentine’s day will bring me stress until I get a husband and even then, I might be triggered.

Why do these commercial holidays, love to make you feel a type of way? Being single is not that hard on most of the days of the year but on the 14th, you want me to feel deep.

You are too loud.

Couple of weeks ago, I started seeing cards in shops relating to Valentine’s day, are you mad? It was barely the first week of January and I need to be reminded that I don’t have a bae.

Retailers, I hope the lights at your store signs remain dark.

Some people are single by choice you know, some people might have lost their significant other, some people might have broken up with their bae (to get back with them on the 15th), some people might be travelling and is apart from their significant other, some people are in long distance relationships, some people’s significant other might be in hospital or prison.

You don’t know people’s situation or circumstances as to why they are single or appear to be single on Valentine’s Day so allow it please.

Why is it YOUR concern that I am single for the 26th time on Valentine’s Day? Does your opinion pay my bills?

I saw a meme that said, ‘Shout out to the couples that spend £400 on a hotel room on Valentine’s Day to do the same 2 positions at home’. That was loud. Listen, if I had bae, I would turn acrobat and become as flexible as those Jamaican dancehall queens to make sure I do more than 2 positions since I am getting my money worth.

If you do buy into the hype that is Valentine’s day and you do want to spend money on your partner, make sure it is value for money sha. I see people spending money they don’t have for one day of romance. One day of romance you know and you want to go bankrupt. You see your life.

You need to build a wall for your common sense like Donald Trump.

Society put so much pressure for us to conform to this holiday and buy cards and gifts that could be brought for your SO on any other day of the year. If I am your bae, I would like to be appreciated across the 365 days of the year, not just 1 thank you very much.

However, all jokes aside I wish everyone who is in a couple for Valentine’s Day has a special day with their partner. Single people, don’t dwell, believe in your sauce, bae will come if you want one.

In conclusion, Valentine is coming, I have no boyfriend (and I am not salty) and don’t believe the hype.

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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  1. gemmatidmarsh 12/02/2019 at 10:53 pm

    Me and my boyfriend don’t do Valentine’s Day and never will! I hate it! So just think of it as a normal day 🥳

    1. thisgirlcanwritea 15/02/2019 at 11:14 pm

      Exactly, I hope you had a good Thursday yesterday, thanks for reading my post!


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