Valentine 5.0

You already know the vibes already. I am single as sour cream and chive pringle.

And another valentine and lockdown with no bae. Am I surviving? B A R E L Y

This has been year 5 of being single (I had a hiatus into a relationship but that was over 2 years ago) and no I am not in primary school.

I am severely single!

5 years later I am asking myself ‘Valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?’ and he’s not on route. He has probably cancelled the trip like an Uber.

Am I not a nice babe? (The answer is yes if you think no argue with your Aunty)

You say you have “proficient computer skills” on your CV but you cannot work out how to send me a Spotify playlist or a love letter on Microsoft word.

You have ‘soft skills’ but you can barely communicate or have any sort of time management.

I have had enough talking stages, do you want to take me to one of those destinations once the borders have opened or nah?

It is not every 3 months, how many siblings do you have?

The only ‘dates’ that we can go on that is COVID-19 compliant is going on walks for your exercise and some people haven’t exercised since 2008. Is that really your future bae?

Even though this year’s Valentine will be more home-based and virtual, it is really loud!

How do you show love virtually?

If you are not outside my window playing 90s RnB then I don’t want that type of love. (Don’t travel in lockdown please)

This could be, ordering a Just Eats or Deliveroo, a Netflix Party Session, A virtual trip to a Museum, a thoughtful card or love note, a playlist, a scrapbook album, etc.

Many people are single on Valentine’s day and it’s all okay, it doesn’t define me as a person.

At this time of life, I am pleased to have my job, car, health and all the people that I care about in my life are all good.

People who do have a Valentines I hope Royal Mail delivers your present on the 15th of March and your M&S Valentines meal deal is expired. #notsaltyatall

I hope you all have a good Valentine’s Day and Valentine is coming and once again I have no boyfriend.

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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