University is such an interesting topic. This post will be about the process of Uni, a little bit of my own personal story and my advice how to stay in University. There will be a part 2 and it is a long post so get comfortable.

Firstly, to let you know I went University in Birmingham and studied Business. #classof2015. To let you in a little secret, I actually HATED University when I first started. I wanted to transfer back to my hometown. I wasn’t ready for the change (Kevin Hart voice), but my parents were like nah we spent bare money preparing you for this and you have wanted this since GCSE’s, so you better like it (forced enjoyment). No I wasn’t use to the change on a big scale and I didn’t have a squad like many people did in the first few months Uni, and I was only good at the lectures. *sigh*, but slowly I enjoyed it and it wasn’t a bad first year, but an amazing 4 years after all. Had to take some L’s but so does everyone in first year – It’s a learning experience.

Now you’re in University

………. And you feel like the big man on campus! You know you’ve made it when your packed all your stuff from home and moved into halls (if your moving away from home), or when you are registered on the course and got your student ID (whether you live at home or not) – Did someone say student discount? That’s when you know you’ve made it! Fresher’s week is madness!

keep-calm-freshers #henjoyment

Go out in fresher’s week, even if it is to help getting used to the campus and where most of your lectures will be. They are activities in the evening as well as the morning, so find something you’re interested in and go. Meet people, you don’t have to make friends straight away, get your name and your face out there, you never know you might find someone who studies your course and you could end up being best friends and get to know your flatmates (if you moved out), you don’t have to get along but if you at least know their name, course and where they came from, that’s a good start. And also go to the fresher’s fair, you can sign up to loads of societies, from Christian to Basketball, Afro-Caribbean to Finance/Trading, you get bare free stationery, food and once again you’re out there networking.

Then lectures start, you’ll quickly realise its bare PowerPoints and lecturers reading off them but they are interesting and help you learn and succeed in your course. Go to them, why wouldn’t you if you’re paying £9,000. Pagan. Just go, it helps with your assignments, essays and exams. You learn about word counts, essays, topics that are covered in the module that you could be really good at, find the topic easy and enjoy.

Back to my story……..

By going to University in Birmingham, I met people all sorts of shapes and backgrounds and cultures at University. Saw so many black people my own age and it’s not every day ‘Are you from London?’ not every black person is from London you know. KMT.  Fresher’s week was kinda hard for me, when you’re socially awkward, the struggle is real but I got out and turn up small small. Although, I quickly realised what thirsty guys were all about. Please don’t be the one to get banged in fresher’s week. It’s not Funky Dee, oi you do you wanna bang though?

Throughout Uni advice

It’s not every day 1st in this assignment and 1st in this exams (humble yourself and get some 2:1’s), yes the academics play an important part in University but your social life does too

.70-percent-photo  #Ain’taboutthe2:1life

When you come to getting employed, you need to be the whole package not just knowledge, because you could be super smart but can’t talk to a customer and help them with a query you know. #seeyourlife You need to find a balance between academics and social life. Discover your likes and dislikes and find a lifestyle that fits you and what you believe in and work on it. Have a little routine doesn’t hurt nobody and you don’t want to play yourself like DJ Khaled. How you decide to live your Uni lifestyle is up to you, but do remember what you came for Uni for. Ask yourself that now and again making sure you’re on the right track. I’m sure it’s not to bang bad bishes and buy Michael Kors; you don’t need Uni for that. You got yourself into Uni, so it’s up to you to enjoy it and life a lifestyle that you’re proud of – Don’t follow other people, life the live that you want.

Get out of your comfort zone but please don’t give into peer pressure. There’s a fine line of being outgoing and doing things for yourself compared to do things because xyz said so or you want to fit in. Listen there is no harm in trying, if you’re curious to know then explore your curiosity but if you have to really think, then that’s when you might have to step back, take several seats and evaluate your decision because every decision has a consequence whether you like it or not. Giving into unnecessary peer pressure, is begging for likes on Instagram and you might build a reputation that you give in too easily.

Back to my story…..

Peer pressure is a hell of a thing my friends. So I don’t drink alcohol and no before you come at me, (I’m not religious just a personal preference) and I didn’t let people know I that I didn’t drink, so I went out and had a sip of wine here, a sip of JD and coke there. Now for example, it’s a flat party and I was being offered a drink. I don’t drink, so should I say this or should I be like ‘what the heck’ and get lit. Hmm if I feel the peer pressure I would have took the drink and would keep going till I get drunk cause it’s a house party and I want to fit in right? Or do I say no I don’t drink but thanks though can I have some Fanta with no ice – ahaha hustla baby (If you know, you know). Personally, I’m too strong minded so I took the latter option and had a soft drink or a mocktails or I like my #fantawithnoice so you don’t feel left out. Listen, the amount of times I could have got wasted but would these friends look after you when you look Anthony Joshua just knocked you out? Answers 10 marks please.

boxing-best-of-british  #leaning

Another tip to get through Uni is to be yourself.  Keep it 100. Honestly people see straight through the bulls*it. It’s like having 2 stripe ‘Adidas’ when you know there is supposed to be 3. A lot of people are on this fake hype, big up themselves to be more than what they are. Why I don’t know?  It’s like people who BEG likes on Instagram like, the likes are going to bring your student finance faster and buy you nice food. You’re a 10 on Instagram but a weak 3 of campus mate, allow it. Don’t ova dweet like Popcaan.

University breeds a ‘got to do everything at once’ culture, but if you’re clear from day 1 and self-disciplined (major key), you can still enjoy Uni without comprising on your beliefs or lifestyle choices. Things shouldn’t be by force, if you don’t want to do it then say no and stick to it. None of that 99p flake business cause you could get taken advantage off and then you will be really feeling like Billy Mitchell, an absolute mug. If you don’t want to smoke, then don’t smoke. If you don’t want to have sex, then don’t have sex. If you don’t want to go out clubbing, then don’t go. Don’t (Bryson Tiller) force yourself into ANYTHING that you’re NOT COMFORTABLE with.

dont-force  #Don’t

Good Luck to all the freshers, mature and returning students for the new year!

Peace until next time,

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