Tips whilst being furloughed

How is lockdown season 2 going for you?

Thanks to the rising numbers of Covid-19, we are now in another lockdown and most people face a high possibility of being furloughed again. #notagain

Being furloughed really isn’t it but it is what it is.

Lockdown 2.0 has no vim; it seems so dry especially when we lived life earlier in the year.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Go into this having a routine. A lack of routine can have you doing yourself dirty. Even though this lockdown is only ‘scheduled’ for 4 weeks, doing something every day will be so beneficial and lessen the chances of you feeling bored and helpless.
  2. Look at your finances and see your monthly incomings and outgoings, cancel useless direct debits and standing orders (do you even go to the gym sis, you have only seen the entrance) and see how you can save.
  3. Do a course! There are many free courses online, Udemy is popular as well as Reed. What about a baking course that you always wanted to do or a SAGE course?
  4. Use the ‘daily walks, runs, bike rides’ and other forms of exercise to your advantage especially earlier in the day as it is getting darker sooner.
  5. Furlough many things in life. Take a break off social media, delete and break away from any negative sources in your life. It is already hard enough this year.
  6. Try not to mash-up your partner, children, or family lol, being with them 24/7 is a lot isn’t it? Married life is fun, right?
  7. Reach out – Someone will be there to listen and keep in contact with loved ones.
  8. Rest! It is not every day we move. Catch up on the lack of sleep for the past 3 years you lost by working and being an unprovoked ‘boss babe’.
  9. Update your Insta bio, you are not a CEO, is your company even registered?
  10. Modernize your CV, make sure it is fresh and up to date!
  11. Start something that you have always worked on. Starting is the first step.

Do you have any tips for being on furlough?

Stay safe!

Peace until next time,

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