Things you’ll realise once you start working

Adulting and Balance

  1. Adulting is solid, going to work is long AF.
  2. Waking up is too hard, leaving your bed in the morning is your hardest goodbye and favourite hello once you’ve finished work.
  3. Getting the balance between ‘smart casual’ is stress – Can I wear a blazer and Levi jeans?
  4. Commuting is not anyone’s portion in life, especially when things are delayed it is just an enemy of progress.
  5. People are DUTTY, bare people don’t clean up after themselves and just leave their mess everywhere, if I slap.

Hygiene and People You Don’t Like

  1. In reference to point 5, you need hand sanitizer at all times cause the health and safety standards are new.
  2. There will be at least one colleague you don’t like, and they always do the most to talk to you, like why?
  3. People take there ‘job title’ too seriously and want to move like they are the owner, but they are a common administrator. Rest Tracy.
  4. In reference to point 3, there will always be someone who has worked there for ages and still cannot do their job or does hardly anything and still has a job and has the cheek to get paid more than you *if I have common sense*.
  5. Don’t work through your lunch unless it is absolutely necessary otherwise, you’ll get taken for an eediat and someone will always want to chat and ask your nonsense requests when you just want to eat in silence.

Colleagues and Peers

  1. Having a good manager or senior is key to your success and your experience in the company.
  2. One person will always pronounce your name wrong or spell it wrong in an email, even though it is a simple John, *if I respond*.
  3. Tea making is an Olympics and you need to make good tea to get in with your peers.
  4. No salary is worth your health or happiness, if things are getting too much – log out the matrix my G.
  5. Communication is so IMPORTANT, if there is poor communication, it can make your job a lot harder than it needs to be.

What other things have you realised from working?

Peace Until Next Time, This Girl Can Write, A

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