Things to leave in 2018…

Yass today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is the big day! The B I G 25, how is everyone feeling about Christmas? For me it is here or there, I am thankful for the blessings that I have and my family and friends, but the day is just long for me still.

Anyhoo, 2018 has come FASS. There is 8 days left and it has been an interesting year of things happening!

What to leave in 2018, read below……

Chasing clout. Not everyone can be famous and a lot of you have to be put on by someone else before ‘you’ve made it’ – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Guys who turn out to be like #Fraudbae – It is not worth it sis.

Going on dates with no money, that should have stopped in 2008 – If you don’t have money then don’t entertain dates you can’t afford which is none.

Ghosting. Don’t be talking to me replying in 5 mins to every 28 working days responses or no response at all. Double texting is the worse. I am not an item you’ve ordered from amazon in China, oya reply! If you don’t want to talk to me, tell me I am a big girl.

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Poor dental hygiene – Brush your teeth and your tongue please and thank you, management.

Hygiene in general, it is not every day you smell like cat food at 8am.

Posting a nice picture or hair and not tagging the supplier. Sis, bro I want to look nice too.

Doing wife or husband duties and you are not even BF anf GF, you can still get curved sis/bro.

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#Baegoals – Your fiancé will not propose with 6 rings just saying.

Constantly telling your friend they are lovely and should be in a relationship. Let me enjoy my single season and being the queen of friendzone.

Getting emotional/physical/mental/racist abuse from friends, family, or anyone period. That needs to be cancelled.

Asking someone where they are from and being satisfied that I am from England.

Borrowing guys or girl’s money with no intention of paying them back. Allow it.

Aunties asking you when will you marry? Aunty when will you cream your foot?!

Fake friends. Please and thank you management, only real people in my circle.

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Getting money ‘hustling’, can we all make legal money in 2019 abeg.

Parking tickets or fines they are long.

Comparing siblings against each other – Yes, I know my brother is successful on Instagram and I am not. (He buys his followers though)

Voting for the culture. You see the shambles that is Brexit, okay then…. (Read the facts)

Leaving negative comments on someone’s video, post, blog – did I write or post something to please you? OYA TAKE SEVERAL SEATS AND YOUR HATE ELSEWHERE.

Assuming things that are not there or jumping to conclusions. Are you doing a charity sponsored jump? Relax big man.

Telling someone to do something when they were going to do it. DiD I aSk FoR YoUr OpInIOn?

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Living to please others. It is your life to live, you can’t please everyone.

Dismissing mental health, everyone loves being ‘depressed’, but it is nothing to joke about, check on your friends and family and if they feel like they have mental health issues, take them seriously.

Letting your friends dictate your relationship. They’ve been single since Bradley was on EastEnders.

Drip or drowning, some of you can barely trickle….

Claiming someone or something – this is not Luton airport and baggage, don’t do it.

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Black fishing – It is an actual mess. People love to take aspects on black culture that everyone finds desirable, but people don’t want to be black. Pahdin!

Not supporting friends and our own people – Subscribe to that YouTube channel, follow that page, buy that product or service, share that blog post – Invest!

What else do you think needs to be left in 2018?

Merry Christmas to all my readers and Happy Holidays! I’ll see you in my last post on 2018, next week!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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