Still Single? Me Too Sis

Still haven’t got that text saying Happy Valentine’s Day by close of business today?! Forget it sis, you are single.  #sigh

He is not replying sis

Don’t be scrolling through your texts like a Spotify playlist trying to find someone you can text ‘Hey’ on a casual Friday vibe. Stop trying things to make sense. You haven’t spoken to my man in 6 months. #bottomofthebarrel #clutchingatstraws

Valentine is here

I know Valentine’s Day is a normal day for most people even in relationships but being single on Valentine’s Day is very LOUD. You cannot escape the fact that you don’t have that special someone in your life, it is all up in your grill like braces.

Well I am here to say I have had enough and here are the reasons why;

  1. Fraud relationships – there are a lot of relationships that are just fraudulent and it is just all lies. The 2 people are not even happy – it is probably an Instagram #AD but you want me to come and kill myself after seeing pictures of robes and flowers in a nice hotel.
  2. Is your babes really your babes? A lot of you man and woman don’t know she or he belongs to the streets.
  3. Being single on Valentines Day doesn’t define me as a person, I could have a whole man by February 22nd – I just haven’t found Prince Charming by that date. I could still get wifed.
  4. Okay so for example if my man goes out his way on Valentine’s Day, then what about June 6th or October 10th or March 22nd – is the energy the same?
  5. Do you girls even try for your man on Valentine’s Day or just turn up like it is an assembly at school?
  6. Self love is key, I need to love myself and what I have and can bring to a relationship before I can love anyone else.


I appreciate some people are relationship people and crave having that significant other and some people enjoy that single season.

I’d the next person I be with to appreciate and love me not just Feb 14th, feb 15th too. LOL

Some people are single by choice or by unfortunate circumstances or by not believing in your sauce. Don’t make people feel a type of way for being single. You don’t know there circumstances…

You can still be with someone and be lonely.


A relationship should complement your life, and provide for you emotionally, morally, knowledgeably and financially #anysweetenerdaddies?

So that being said, do you have any plans for Valentines Day?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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