Social Distancing and Corona

My my, has life come fast for us all? 2020 was suppose to be OUR year, but it has been put on hold due to COVID 19.

It is not playing. We all need to be careful in these uncertain times ahead. This virus doesn’t discriminate, it can affect women, men, children, adults, people who are black, white or asian and people who are sick or healthy.

We all need to be safe and sensible.

Boris has specifically told us to STAY HOME.

So we have to practice social distancing, that doesn’t mean responding to a guy who texted you 4 months ago asking to be up and your response is that you are ‘social distancing’.

Do you not have any manners?

Don’t run back to your ex sis. There is nothing good there. In uncertain times, I am certain of that.

In this era of working from home and boredom, it is very easy to find yourself single and on dating apps swiping left and right for the culture. Sis, why are you looking for unprovoked disappointment and stress?

Social distancing and isolation have man moving mad, I have had a guy tell me he is heartbroken as I haven’t messaged him all day. We had barely spoke for 24 hours you know!

Don’t ever risk going outside to be fined for these useless man and woman about come and see me, I’ll pay your fine. Sir, you live 25 mins away and the bus have a shortened timetable, and how do I even get there? Don’t link up with the mandem or have a social gathering or go see family unprovoked.

Use this time to focus on what you really needed to do. Don’t increase your screen time, use it wisely. Look at courses, picking up a new skill, do some home workouts and change your diet. It is not every day Netflix, sometimes, it’s an Excel course. Develop skills that can help you once this period is over.

Think smart and wise, all of us is in this situation. I know you are a bad boy in the gang but please follow the instructions. Stay in unless you have too either shop for food and medicine (stop stockpiling), go for daily exercise, go to and from work or getting medical aid.

It’s not that hard yeah, just stay IN and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Be grateful that you have a yard to chill in with food, gas, heating, electric, Wi-Fi and TV license LOL.

So please, stay at home.

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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