So Where Do We Go From Here?

You’ve posted a black square on your socials or read a news article. And you have lamented over the death of George Floyd and various other African Americans in the US.

The fight doesn’t stop there!


The UK isn’t RaCiSt? Have you heard of Shukri Abdi?

Have you been to one of the protests in your home city?

Have you signed a petition about justice regarding Belly Mujinga or how black woman are to have more complications in childbirth than white woman?  Click here to sign all the petitions for the UK government to consider!

Have you written to your local MP?

Real Life

Are you have discussions with family members about their racist views? I myself have many Asian friends and they have told me that they could never bring a black person home. (Sigh) You need to address Aunty with those views!

Have you seen the diversity report from the company that you work for, do you have a diversity and equality representative? Is the company you are working for, meeting or exceeding the quotas especially outside of London?

Have you spoke up when a racist incident has happened at work or supported your colleague? Do you see the micro-aggressions you could experience ‘Where are you really from?’, ‘Interesting hairstyle’, ‘You are really well spoken’ or ‘I don’t see colour’. My eyes roll back to the 1990s when people say this.

Are you an influencer? Have you seen the race pay gap, can you do anything you contribute to that?


Have you seen ‘When They See Us, 13th or Dear White People on Netflix? Or ‘I am not my negro’ by James Baldwin on Amazon Prime? Have you read The Good Immigrant, Brit ish, Why I am no longer talking to white people about race?

Stop thinking that racism is calling you the N, P or C word. It is much more subtle and covert than that.

Don’t come to me as your friend and ask me to educate you – I am not BBC Bitesize. Use the same internet that Beyonce uses and find information.

Do you support your friends? It is not an Anti-white campaign, this is an anti-racist campaign.

I hope for brighter days!

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A


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