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I am sure you have heard of the expression ‘Mid Life crisis’ but there is also something called a quarter life crisis where between the ages of 20 and 30, you begin to express doubt in your life (money, relationships, mortgages and family planning) and wonder if you are heading in the right direction or you are lost. Don’t Panic like French Montana, you are moving forward at your own pace.

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So, you feel like you need to get your life in order, unlike your unruly edges. In the western culture, you feel like life is like a Super Mario game, each milestone or life event is a new level of the game and it is a checkpoint. I believe these checkpoints include school, getting your first job, passing your driving test, getting into and graduating Uni, getting a job after uni, promotions, securing and even marrying bae, having children, the list goes on. Within society, if you haven’t achieved these ‘checkpoints’ then you have major FOMO, but you know what, last time I checked, society shouldn’t dictate you.

You feel like if you haven’t gone to school, gone to Uni and graduated with a 2:2 (if you rate your life), get a job where you work to live and not live to work, then are you not living life? If you never had an in-depth conversation at 3/4am at McDonald’s, are you living life? If you haven’t travelled outside your country, you are not living life? If all you want to do is sleep after work, are you not living life? *WhatsApp thinking emoji*. It is all done on a subjective basis.

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Time is changing all the time and the 20’s are the discovery period of your life. It is where you develop loyalties and builds relationships. You re-evaluate your circle and decide what career path you want to take. You can decide if you want to build a family if you like women or men if you want to study, work, travel, your relationships with family, fellow students, colleagues, money, alcohol, food, diet/exercise, and health. You can make as many mistakes as you want, every experience is a lesson whether it is positive or negative. Life at times can be a test and at the end of it, they won’t mark you or judge you. For example, she has only lived 40% of her life, so she has failed.

I have said this before and will say it again, pressure can make you go 2 ways, either soft or hard. It can make you or break you. Pressure sometimes don’t rate you and you feel like everything is like Aunt Bessie’s – crumbling. Who said to you that you NEED to have your life sorted out by 25? Think about it, when you are younger, and you meet adults who are ‘well old aka ancient’ in your life are they 25? Big man but I am not 30. You are not a failure if you don’t have things sorted by 25, I mean take me, I write a blog and work full-time, but I have not secured bae, still, live at home and don’t have my own place, my car insurance doesn’t allow me to drive after 11.30pm but I have other things going for me. Does that mean I am a failure now?

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If my goal is to have children and married by the time I am 24.96 years yeah (Round it up to 2dp). I am now 25 and I have 2 beautiful children (I am sorry to say, some children are ugly yeah don’t gas them from a young age, you are not N Power) but I am married to a man who is so distant, I barely think of him as my husband. Yes, I have ‘achieved’ my goal, but am I happy and is this what I meant by being married and having 2 kids? I don’t think it would be as I am not truly happy. I will rather take my several seats and not get hitched to that f boy that is wasting time, like signing into BBC I Player every time you need to watch a show. Long tings!

It is good to be ambitious and to go after the things you want but you mustn’t always compromise and settle for less than what you want or have. Don’t rush timing, things will happen in its own time. Life is a journey and you should appreciate and live in the process. #liveyourbestlife

Peace until next time,

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