Public Transport

Some days I catch the bus or the tram to work and sometimes it isn’t for me and let me tell you why….

Why are you smelling?

  • Why is it 8am and you smell of cat food, but you have a suit like you have a high-powered job?
  • I know me and you are close but please I don’t want to share your air.
  • Someone always smells on the bus and you have to stand near them. My nostrils are offended. Can you not smell yourself?

Public Transport Etiquette

  • On the tram, why does it so packed I have to put my bag on my head (like I am back home home) because I want to be home for 5.45pm?
  • Sometimes the bus/tram is on late, but the electronic signal keeps telling me the bus is due in 2 mins, but I have been waiting here for 20 mins, if I slap.
  • People who come on the bus and don’t have their bus fare or expect change. *Counts to 10*
  • Roadworks and traffic are stress and when buses have to take diversions, I cannot deal – I just want to get home.
  • People who choose to sit next to you even though the whole top deck of the bus has seats *If I move*
  • People who speak loudly and have loud conversations on the phone – if I slap – you are not on Lebara sim, sigh.

Packed Out Buses and Trams

  • When my bag is clearly sitting next to me and you want to ask, ‘Is anyone sitting there?’ *If I scrim*
  • The tram is packed and you big ass backpack is still on your back – I will remove that backpack immediately.
  • Running for the bus or tram will always guarantee you will miss it as some bus/tram drivers have no manners, I can still see you have 1 min left before you are due to leave. Let me land!
  • I know me and you have to stand close on the tram but please don’t look into my soul – I am just on my daily commute.
  • Having no personal space on the bus on tram between 7am to 9.30am and 5pm – 6.30pm is a given

Do you have issues catching public transport? Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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  1. Kendie 16/10/2019 at 6:59 am

    OMG. The smells are absolutely ridiculous. You missed the bad breath at 6am, why though. People have no consideration. And yes, they need to have a conductor monitoring the amount of people on the tram, it’s dangerous.

    They have lack of communication on both the buses & trams. Examples -the bus: when it’s diversion & a lot of people don’t go online to see any updates, the bus driver should still announce it. It’s just sense, not common, because if it was common it would be used regularly & it’s not. The trams- if we’ve had to stop because of a breakdown especially, don’t wait 3-5 minutes or maybe more to let us know what’s going on. Those minutes are long to a lot of people.

    So, yeah that’s my take on the public transport. Still I am blessed to be able to get up & catch the bus or team to get where i’m going.



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