Public Transport

Some days I catch the bus or the tram to work and sometimes it isn’t for me and let me tell you why….

Why are you smelling?

  • Why is it 8am and you smell of cat food, but you have a suit like you have a high-powered job?
  • I know me and you are close but please I don’t want to share your air.
  • Someone always smells on the bus and you have to stand near them. My nostrils are offended. Can you not smell yourself?

Public Transport Etiquette

  • On the tram, why does it so packed I have to put my bag on my head (like I am back home home) because I want to be home for 5.45pm?
  • Sometimes the bus/tram is on late, but the electronic signal keeps telling me the bus is due in 2 mins, but I have been waiting here for 20 mins, if I slap.
  • People who come on the bus and don’t have their bus fare or expect change. *Counts to 10*
  • Roadworks and traffic are stress and when buses have to take diversions, I cannot deal – I just want to get home.
  • People who choose to sit next to you even though the whole top deck of the bus has seats *If I move*
  • People who speak loudly and have loud conversations on the phone – if I slap – you are not on Lebara sim, sigh.

Packed Out Buses and Trams

  • When my bag is clearly sitting next to me and you want to ask, ‘Is anyone sitting there?’ *If I scrim*
  • The tram is packed and you big ass backpack is still on your back – I will remove that backpack immediately.
  • Running for the bus or tram will always guarantee you will miss it as some bus/tram drivers have no manners, I can still see you have 1 min left before you are due to leave. Let me land!
  • I know me and you have to stand close on the tram but please don’t look into my soul – I am just on my daily commute.
  • Having no personal space on the bus on tram between 7am to 9.30am and 5pm – 6.30pm is a given

Do you have issues catching public transport? Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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