Preparation Is Key

For most things in this life, a little prep can go a long way.

‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’

Listen you can revise hard for this one exam. Then open the booklet and the questions have done you dirty. #Lestruggle. However, for the purpose of the blog post, it can prevent poor performance.

Small Small Prep

Whether its slaying on your haters. Trying to not or trying to get pregnant. Doing well in an interview or getting to work on time, it can be beneficial to do some prep beforehand. Things that make your life a little easier.

Not prepping or being ready can leave you broke and un-booked and who wants that? Are you a 2-star hotel?

Importance and Opportunity

Why is it so important? Sometimes at any given moment, an opportunity can come your way and you need either to be mentally prepared or physically prepared.

‘When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare’

Imagine, you are running late for work, but you are not too stressed cause you have packed your bag and lunch from the night before, so you move.

Personal Insurance and Assurance

Think about preparation as taking your own ‘personal insurance policy’ on areas of life. For example, you went on a date and it wasn’t going well. How do you get home? You need to be prepared and bring vex money, just in case.

What about if you are out with bae and his card get declined, you need money to pay for the bill. Hopefully not, but what about if you got made redundant, do you have enough funds to sustain life until you are back on your feet?

If you prepare for these events, when the situation happens, just like Davido, you will have the ‘assurance’ that you can protect yourself from the unknown future and hopefully the situation won’t be that serious.

‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’

What methods of prep do you have?

Peace Until Next Time,

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