Common words/phrases of what Black people say in the UK

This post is a little glossary I guess of what our people say! How many can you identify with?

A – As in. Auntie. Aff. Abeg you don’t do this please. Add me on snapchat guys. An’ dat. Are you mad?

B – Bossman. Big man. Baby girl. Bro. Believe in your sauce. But did you die though? Black excellence. Banter. Butters.

C – Cussing. CRB check on this man or this girl. Cancelled. Certain man. Ciroc man.

D – D*ckhead. Drapse a man in Tesco. Deets. Dip dip. Delete that still. Doing the most. Doing bits. Donny with the hat. Dropping bottles. Doing image gang.

E – Energy. Eediat man.

F – Face your front. Fully on it. Friendzone. Facccts. Fully ghosted. Finished. Flagrant. Fam.

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G – G check a man. God is good. God is great. Gas me please. Gang gang. Goons.  #Godisgreat

H – Hella crud in the DMs. Hopped out the four door. He doesn’t even drive though. Honey. Hold the L. Hold on.

I – Issa madness. Is that you yeah, say nothing. Is everything okay at home? I still beat. I don’t need a man anyway. I just saw this text babes. I come to you as a woman. Imagine. Is man alright? I cannot come kill myself.

J – Just tryna be like you bro. Ju. Just woke up from a nap, so I’ve just saw this.

K – Killing it. Keep the same energy my G. King. KMT.

L –  Lituation. Linked the girl. Looking like a snack. Low it my brudda. Living my best life. Lol like that yeah.

M – Men are trash. My chest. Myth. Mandem. Mood. Melanin. Motive. Moist. Man Chipped.

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N – Nah. No from me dawg. Never experiencedt it. Nobody cares tho’. Nah bruv.

O – On sight. Opp. Offing pants. Oluwajack. Obviously. Oyibo.

P – Paigon. Pahdin? Plug. Put in on my head. Pattern yourself. Peak.

Q – Q+A on my Snapchat or my Youtube channel. Queen.

R – Rate me please. Roley on my wrist. Raving. Rah hold on. Reeelax.

S – Snaked. Say it with your chest. Sauce. Skrr skrr. She’s got a man. Secure the bag. Shook. Soft yute. Sis. So that’s what we are doing now *inserts name*, yeah? Slaaayyyy.

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T – Ting. Truss me. Trapping ain’t dead. That’s mad. That girl/guy is a spice. That’s not me babes. That’s longgg. Trips to Dubai. This guy/This brudda. Trim. These man.

U – Uncle. Uber. Ugly dons. Useless boy/girl.

V – Vision is mad bro still. Vex. Violate/violation.

W – Worriz this nonsense? Wheel up the bloo*clart. What you saying? Wyd? What u on about maaaan? We beat still. Wild. Wahala.

X – Xbox playing Fortnite.

Y – Yardie. Yard man. You wasn’t there. You can get these hands. You airing me yeah? Your moving mad. Yassss.

Z – Zaddy.

Peace until next time,

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