Panasonic and Lockdown 3

Hello hi, I have just about remembered how to write cause this lockdown is scrambling one’s brains like eggs on toast.

Anyway, I hope you reading this is as well as it can be in this Panasonic.

How are we in Lockdown 3? T H R E E. That was not in the terms and conditions that I skipped to get the items.

2021, hasn’t got off to the greatest start but hopefully, at some point in 2021, we will get back to a form of normality that doesn’t include opening the country, locking us down, and then opening us up again *side-eye* Boris.

We need some routine and structure that does not include lockdown.

Meeting up with family and friends is a myth, going outside for anything else other than a walk is non-existent, home-schooling kids are long, Zoom meetings can be annoying, WFH is doing my head in, and then dating is the absolute ghetto!

Guys say they are an active listener on their CV, but they actively don’t listen when you ask ‘Are we together or not?’ and you’ve been talking since the 1st lockdown. It has nearly been a year SIR. *side-eye*

You say you are a problem solver, but you cannot solve how to get out of this Panasonic. SMH!

Being furloughed can be cute or whatever but it starting to get lowkey tiring and boring. I can only watch so much Netflix, YouTube, or any streaming platform, listen to podcasts, spend time with family and I am in relatively good health.

I hope everyone who is struggling in these times has brighter days to come.

This lockdown feels like the Taken movie series. There only needed to be 1 lockdown (film) but now we are 2 more lockdowns (films) later and it doesn’t look any brighter.

And then Boris had the A U D A C I T Y to say that he has done enough to prevent the number of lives that have been lost. Do you see the levels of self-assessment? Pardon?!

His ‘daily’ announcements are like hearing ‘Hey handsome/hey beautiful’ from the person who you don’t like and are trying to get out of the friend zone. I have the ICK! Leave me alone.

It is rubbish and I have logged out of this game. I do not want to play anymore.

We should still follow the guidelines so we can get back to living this thing called life soon!

People who are not following the guidelines, I hope you don’t have a Valentine or your favourite food is out of stock at Tesco. Stop making it harder than it already is.

How are you coping with lockdown? My DMs are open if you want to talk

Peace until next time.

This Girl Can Write, A

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