Oh Man the Audacity

2020 has been a very audacious year so far and I cannot lie I am not really impressed.

We are 10 months in, and I have maybe enjoyed about 5 days so far.

It is really the ghetto out here, but we move.

As this year has become very audacious, so have men and women.

The audacity of people this year is next level. The entitlement is unmatched.

Do you think because there is a virus you can chat wicked and bad? Are you a mannerless child?

Are you not embarrazzed?

The number of people that open their SMELLY mouths offering opinions on nothing that concerns them.

Face your front.

You are holding parties INNA PANDEMIC and you get slapped with a £10k fine! Do you have that in your bank account?

The Audacity.

Buying a DRIPPY outfit but the babes cannot see it cause you have to social distance in the restaurant.

The Audacity.

Celebrating Black History Month by putting 4 black postboxes recognizing black figures ACROSS the UK.

The Audacity. 

Girls opening their DIRTY mouth telling people you only date men who drive a Range Rover, but have you ever booked a lesson with a driving instructor? Do you even have a provisional? Is there much availability in the pandemic? *closes hands*

The Audacity.

Telling a babe that you are STILL going with the flow after 2 years of dating. Am I Severn Trent Water?

The Audacity.

Taking a day off work for sickness when LOWKEY you have booked an appointment to get your braids done.

The Audacity.

MPs are telling parents that they ARE NOT feeding children over the holidays, but have a daily food allowance! You have a job (unlike many of us at the moment) as you work in this wayward government, do you struggle to feed your children?

The Audacity.

You are telling a babe that you ONLY drink Champagne, but you pronounce it Cham-Pan-Ni. #tragic

The Audacity.

Saying that you are single ‘BY CHOICE‘. Someone tells you ‘that you’d be a great boyfriend/girlfriend’ but no one has taken your offer to not be single anymore so you are in the process of belonging to the streets.

The Audacity. 

There is too much audacity in this 2020 and it needs to be reduced!

What audacious things have you seen or heard this year?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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