What will be the ‘New Normal’ if the lockdown is over?

I believe it is week 7 of the lockdown.

I am tired.

However, there are some talks that some restrictions might be lifted soon.

I wouldn’t shout freedom just yet.

We have to adapt to another version of a ‘new normal’.

Let’s go Shopping

Shops will eventually reopen but there will probably be reduced hours.

I am sure we aren’t encouraged to go out in groups. Unfortunately the disease is still spreading. Me and the gang can’t go Zara *sighs in Spanish*.

Card payments will be the way forward so all the contactless gang, can I get an Ayy!

Continuously check your bank account though – just because your card isn’t getting declined, doesn’t mean you have money!

Who’s Jardan again?

Don’t think you’ll be linking up with the mandem and family next week.

I don’t think we will be able to meet friends and family in a group setting for a minute.

You gotta Facetime the babes or the mandem and social distance!


Some industries will have to go back to work but not in the same capacity as before.

I think the majority of us will WFH or if we do go the office, we will all work different shifts so we are not all in at the same time.

I hope all the key workers have the correct PPE to carry out their job. Why should they be at risk saving lives?

Lawd knows how that we will work but we move.


I think home workouts will be the thing for 2020. Gyms re-opening anytime soon? Absolute myth.

The gains will have to be homemade!

Food and Drink

I see some fast food places are opening up again such as KFC, McDonalds and Nandos but none are opening in the Midlands though *sighs in Spanish again*. I hope people still continue to cook at home and eat out less.

Takeaways can be a treat not an everyday thing.

Everything shouldn’t be a convenience – you can make a quick dish in the time it takes to order and wait for a delivery of a takeaway.

Maintaining a good immune system starts with diet!


It won’t be the same as we know it and we have to adjust to a ‘new normal’. Social distancing will still happen.

Catch feelings not flights because flying will be hard, how can you social distance on the plane?

Hopefully we will be able to buy food and essentials without the stress, not everyday Amazon packages :/

Wash your hands, hand sanitize and be hygienic as you can.

I think we will be in lockdown, just a less restricted version. Maybe we can have a summer after all!

What do you think? Will anything change?

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well!

Peace until next time,

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