Lockdown and Lawless

Going out once a day has shown me that some of you can’t follow rules.

I want to be able to go outside and enjoy things again but when I do go outside

These are some of the things I have noticed;

  • People not standing 2m apart whilst waiting at supermarkets – Bigman I will heel kick you!
  • All of a sudden people are everyday jogging. Before lockdown you couldn’t even run for the bus.
  • People walking closer to you when you are on your daily walk than staying 2m apart.
  • Mandem are going to Tesco 6 times a day to get milk cause you and your partner aren’t getting on *Sighs in Swedish*
  • Letting your dogs run mad on the park when there are people around (and the owner say ‘They don’t bite)
    • The dogs don’t bite the owner, not YOU.
  • Going to the supermarket and people are giving the fruit and veg a massage, is everything okay at home?
  • Shoppers who think you the rules don’t apply to them and buy 5 of something when you only get 3 and you are embarrassed at the till. #youseeyourlife
  • When the weather is nice, people having gatherings or big BBQ’s with extended family. *Sighs in Spanish*
  • People who don’t understand social distancing and try go straight into the shop even though it has been at least 5 weeks of lockdown. Do you want to get rushed by 20 people in the line?
  • Everyone has turned into Mary Berry cause I cannot find flour, eggs, or sugar. I hope all your cakes go flat KMT.

What have you noticed since being on lockdown?

Share it in the comments below…

I hope you are staying safe, staying healthy and coping with the lockdown.

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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