Lockdown Love Story and Virtual Dates

It’s week 3 of the lockdown here in the UK and I don’t even have a virtual bae and I’m not impressed.

Everyone is at home and no one is still cuffing me. Anyway rant over…..

With the lockdown, you can’t sneak a babes in and put it on your Insta story. They could be carrying the virus and you are bringing them to the yard. Do better. You can’t meet up period. #stayathome

You have to be a bit more creative and have virtual dates.

My milkshake brings all the boys to Facetime haha

You can Facetime, WhatsApp, Insta or Skype video calls. As well as a normal phone call and talk.

Especially in these times, communication is so important.

Beat your face girl, slay those edges, pour a glass of wine and talk to your potential man or woman.

You can set a date when you cook the same dish on Facetime, watch a Netflix episode or movie on the laptop or TV, play an online game or learn a course, listen to a podcast, watch a video on YouTube or do a workout, read a book together, go for your daily walk and speak on the phone, – there are so many options to these virtual dates. You can do this if you have bae and you don’t live with them. Keep it exciting.

A lot of people don’t like texting, they prefer phone calls or facetime so it should be fun!

Communication (and spelling too) is so key, a lot of people can’t hold a conversation but that is a skill that you can learn to develop as well as increasing your technology skills. These days we want instant results and we don’t have time to really sit back and think about who we are interacting with and what type of connections we have.

Online dating I’m sure has increased during the lockdown period and that is absolutely fine as now you have time to search for bae and put some focus on that side of life.

Also if you don’t want the stress of dating in this period and not meeting someone then don’t download these apps. Go about your life as normal!

Be safe, obviously don’t meet anyone (STAY AT HOME) and don’t give out personal details.

Also don’t end up on 90 day fiancé cause that show is wild!

Are you on any dating apps, have you arranged any virtual dates? Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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