How to cope with living at home whilst being on lockdown

It is an extreme sport.

I am grateful for having a family or people that I can live at home with. However, it is trying. I love my family but if someone takes my chicken that I was using for stir fry and use it to make brown stew chicken, I am going to lose it.

I’ve heard stories of chicken that was brought by other family members, sitting in the fridge marinating and got put into stew. I am offended.

Family are all good but they can grate on you like cheddar cheese. Most or all of your family members are home now and it is week 4. There is no silence especially if your house is crowded, you go into the kitchen and people are cooking when you want to make lunch or dinner.

Someone is always in the living room watching TV and if you are trying to do a home workout, you realise there is no floor space and not everyone has a garden. #Lestruggle

Also, the Wi-Fi is doing the most cause there are so many more people on it at one time. *Sighs in Spanish*  It’s not every day reset, sometimes just be connected.

People are quick to tell you it is sensible to live at home, you save more and you will build a better bond with your family but NGL sometimes I want to slap my Uncle.

Not everyone’s home environment is positive and that’s okay. Try and make it as positive for you during these times. Don’t force relationships with certain family members and try and protect your mental health at all costs.

You need to set boundaries, create or find your own space and let your siblings or your parents do the work.

No I do not want to descale the kettle, let my little brother learn how to do it.

Having a routine is really key. Even if you are eating at set times, waking up and working out, or watching Netflix.

Isolation envy is real, you are seeing everyone’s living room on Zoom. At work they’ve told you they don’t read books but they have a whole bookshelf. If I slap.

Some people live with partners, aunties and uncles, flatmates that they don’t even talk to, children who do their head in but you have your bedroom and it’s something.

Focus on yourself and come to some level of acceptance for what it is and the status quo for the next few weeks.

Also take those walks that we are allowed to have to clear your mind and get out the house. Try and call and Facetime your friends, other family and significant others or someone that you can talk to. Spend time with your little bro/sis or older siblings if they are at home. Read books if you can, do something that you haven’t had chance to do or just sleep and be peaceful.

There is no right or wrong way to survive living at home during this period except surviving, keeping your mental health and physical health well at all costs and keeping occupied.

I am with you, if you want to talk or message me feel free to do so on or add me on Insta @thisgirlcanwritea

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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