Leave It Out For 2020 Yeah

The new decade is approaching and some things need to be left in this decade for real.

2020 is coming for our edges whether we have them or not, so we need to prepare because there is no time like the present.

Emails and Life

  1. Not every day ‘We Move’ sometimes ‘We Rest’ as well.
  2. Taking L’s, this is not your portion in life, we will only be taking W’s in 2020.
  3. As per my last email’ – No need for the aggro.
  4. ‘I hope this email finds you well’ – What if I am not well, where do we go from here?
  5. Caps in emails or texts – WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING SIS?!

Mood and Language

  1. Captioning everything a ‘Mood’ – How many moods do you have?
  2. ‘Sorry for the late reply’ – You are not sorry and its only 3 days and 57 mins later than my original text/email.
  3. ‘Thank you, next’ – Unless you are a sales assistant, you have no business saying this please abeg.
  4. Not sharing or support your friend’s hustles but you will open your mouth and say ‘I put you on’ KMT.
  5. Writing unnecessarily long essays about how ‘said person’ has done your dirty. Sis, the tea is on Shadeborough.

Dating Apps and Social Media

  1. Calling me ‘black beauty’ on dating apps when you are not black. We will fight.
  2. Saying you don’t date black girls cause they are ‘beasts’ but your whole family is black. KMT.
  3. Blaming the algorithm, no sis your content just does not bang.
  4. Asking me ‘Where are you from’? or questions when it says it clearly in my bio. If I direct.
  5. ‘What’s your number’ as a first line once you’ve matched someone on an app. Get to know me first then.
  6. Chasing clout, it is a substance that doesn’t need inhaling, ingesting or any required action.
  7. Accountability is not everyday somebody, sometimes it you big man.
  8. Preparation – Sometimes you need to prepare for things in life so when it comes, you can just run with it.
  9. Being reactive, your whole life isn’t characters on social media – be proactive.
  10. Follow and taking advice from ‘influencers’ on social media, its there life not yours my friend.

What other things need to be left in 2019?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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