Kanye and The Importance of Mental Health


I hope everyone who is reading this is well and in good health and happiness.

Anyway I am sure everyone and their Dad has heard about Kanye and his outburst on his first outing running for the US presidency. Towards the end of his ‘speech’, a lot of people were questioning and side-eyeing him saying SMH and I love you Kanye.

Then he went on a Twitter barage and was spilling the Tetley on his life! It was REAL. Kris and dem man got dragged. It’s sad to see a man of his status demise so quickly with ‘mental health issues’. He looked like he was going through a manic phase and got very emotional.

Watching him made me realise the importance of mental health and keeping on a level. Kanye lost his wig on a large platform which was recorded but what about me and you? How do you cope when you know you are getting weaker mentally and unsure where to turn? Do you ave access to counselling, medication or friends and family to talk to?

Mental health is so ‘in’ at the moment but if you dont deal with it, you will be a statistic and hopefully not a sad one.

Look at Kanye, he is easily a millionaire but he isn’t happy. Money doesn’t =long term happiness.

I rather be in a lower paid job and be mentally happy then being in a higher paid job and losing my edges unprovoked.

I can have the money, the man, the job, the Birkin bag and the children but if I can’t go to bed happy, all those things around me will be difficult to appreciate.

Happiness starts with you and shouldn’t be defined by your partner, job, family or what car you drive.

They contribute and add to your happiness, but you make the decision to be happy.

I want all of you and Kanye to continually see the joy in life. If you don’t think everything is okay, I would urge you to reach out and get help if you can. It is not a weakness, it shows the willingness to change and self awareness. I hope Kanye accepts the help he has access to and they can deal with it as a family.

What do you think about Kanye and his outburst?

Peace and take care until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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