Hot Girl Summer, Is That You Yeah?

It’s summertime (Cue Vybz Kartel tune) and the sun is shining, shining! Everyone and their mum is talking about having a hot girl summer courtesy of Megan Thee Stallion, periodt.

What does that mean though and can it apply to you?

I have seen various variations of a hot girl summer from living a hoe life and not apologising for being a boss girl babe, to travelling, being indepednet and reflecting to being single and not being tied down to anyone or anything ya dig.

Hot Girl Summer could mean going to festivals, securing the bag going on baecations, having family time and BBQ’s, travelling, going to weddings, graduating, twerking at carnival, embracing your body, living and laughing more etc there is loads of stuff you can do!

Just go out and enjoy your life!

Being a hot girl summer shouldn’t be just for summer, it should be for all year round, you need to be you all day, all year. No time for being half of you in the summer and then for the other seasons you are someone else.

Summer is always awakening, the sun is shining so you see things in a different light and its always a mood and reflective time of the year and a mid-month check in

It is a real sense of empowerment and not just for 2019 but I encourage you to have a hot girl/guy summer whether you are single, married, in a situation, or in a relationship, it is about being unapologetically you

Personally, for me, there is not hot girl summer, or warm girl summer. I will be grinding and just working really but we move.

Are you having a hot girl summer? Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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