Harry and Meghan Do Your Ting

Harry and Megan are planning to step down from ‘royal responsibilities’ to live their own best lives. People are complaining.

H&M do your ting. We Move. 

Meghan is tired. Harry is drained.


Much of the British media cannot stand her.

All Meghan did was fall in love with a prince.

From the moment she has been his girlfriend, to now his wife and a mother to his child. I have seen her name in at least one negative news article every day. #notfair

The media have tried to scatter her image and from day one made her seem that she wasn’t good enough for Harry. Sis, are you even married yourself?


Why? Is it because she is American? Bi-racial? Is it because she is older or self made before Harry? Or the simple fact that she is a woman.


The media have treated this woman so disrespectfully with such cute undertones of racism and prejudice that only a fellow black woman or a woman of ethnic minority can notice.

Its constantly tiring and draining to explain or justify your race to someone else to prove your worth.

For example, Danny Bakers tweet when Archie was born (a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee) was racist and not appropriate. However, it was classed as an error of judgement and a joke. How?

There have been no tweets when Kate gave birth to that extent of any of her 3 children.

Kate Middleton is classed as elegant, dignified, compliant with royal protocol. Meghan Markle is classed as a rebel, uppity, not knowing her place when it comes to royal protocol.

Look at these articles.


You see the narrative.


It is not acceptable, and she has been subjected to unproven criticism. As a result, these comments and opinions have taken its toll whether she is a royal or not.

She wants to live her best live and enjoy being married to a prince.

Shout out Harry for putting the need of his wife and his child above the royal family. Big man ting.

Meghan don’t want the smoke no more, its 2020. Let them be ‘normal people’ and let’s keep it moving.

Sis last time I checked Harry is ready to leave the royal family cause his wife is being constantly abused but your man cannot leave the group chat even if they dragged you for bants.

(These opinions are all my own)

What do you think?

Peace until next time,

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