Different Gym Types

Types of personalities in the gym?

Some of you man need to be named and shamed.

I’ve teamed up with @lozzahthoughts to bring you more gym memes and types of personalities in the gym!


  1. The Poser – The only thing this person knows in the gym is the mirror. Always standing in the mirror, like they are posing for Mr or Mrs Olympia. Vain AF.

Phrase – I am just in the shredding phase at the moment.

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  1. The Treadmill Runner – Every time you see that person, they are always on the treadmill whether its incline, running, walking but there are just on their bobbing along the way and adjusting their speed.

Phrase – I love cardio.

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  1. The PT – Always smizing with his clients and girls trying to get new clients and being very hands on especially when training girls. Sir, the exercise is battle ropes but somehow your hands are lingering my waist.

Phrase – Are you interested in a free session?

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  1. The Gruffalo – Need I say anymore. This man is huffing and puffing like the big bad Wolf in Goldilocks and grunting like he is in labour.

Phrase – Grrrr!

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  1. The Unlimited Sets – This person grabs all the dumbbells, a barbell, a step and a medicine ball for themselves. Then when you need a dumbbell, they are ‘still using it’. What are you training for please? If I slap.

Phrase – I’ve got at least 2 more sets with these.

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  1. The Leaver – This person uses all the equipment and leaves it exactly where it is and NEVER puts in back. Or they leave the weight on the bar. They are steps and kettlebells in the free weight area and a dumbbell in the stretching area.  #sigh

Phrase – *walks to the next piece of equipment*.

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Do you recognise or know any more personalities in the gym? Head over to Lozzah’s page for more memes and other personalities https://lozzahsthoughts.com/different-gym-types/

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