Getting through a hard time

Unfortunately, everyone has hard days and takes some L’s from time to time. It is part of this thing called life. Getting through a hard time can be a #Lestruggle but making it through to see the light is major key and important. Not every day take L’s, more time take W’s.

Getting through a hard time could mean anything from exams, school, struggling at work, mental health, finances, family issues, health, body image, relationships, friendships, situationships, and a lot of other issues. Some days are hella bleak, but you need to push through cause you deserve better than that and you are worth something.

Getting through a hard time is all about mind-set. Nothing everything can be wonderful and unicorns and even people who at the top of their game will have difficult days or times. Not everything can be a success but try to see the good in the situation or the learning curve. Mind-set is key! Experience is the best teacher.

Getting through a hard time is all about coming to peace about the ups and downs of life and coming to acceptance of what life brings. No 2 days are the same, take each day as it comes and getting through the day is an achievement. Be at peace when things go a little south as we all cant have it our way.

Getting through a hard time is about perseverance, patience and pushing through. I have been pushing for positivity and good things to happen in my life by self-reflection, knowing I can’t do it all, asking for help (reluctantly), pushing through the stress at work and trying to relax and forcing a change in my life. Things seem to be coming through #fingerscrossed

Getting through a hard time is about dealing with the cards that you have in life. How you go about your business is about coming through! It is hard but having some sort of faith that if you pattern yourself correctly things will come through! Coming through and see the light, see the black girl magic, see the shine and melanin, see the positivity and good vibes only!

‘When you are faced with hard times and the challenges that come along with it, you can either decide to live in the situation and let it consume you or let it strengthen you and take control.’

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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