Fast Food and Customer Service Are Not Best Friends

Happy October!

I love a good McDonald’s, KFC or Subway, an occasional Burger King but the customer service doesn’t bang consistently. Here are my 10 issues that I have with fast food restaurants.

10 Issues

Queues, Sauces and Waiting Times

  1. Nothing stresses me out more than a big queue at these places and you are one behind the person in front and they are unsure of what they want. Bossman, you have 8 mins to decide and now you want to be asking questions. If I slap…
  2. People who try and use the kiosk and fumble the bag cause they don’t know how to use it, sir please go up to the till.
  3. When you get asked to park in a bay for a common cheeseburger at McDonalds. Actual stress. Is Man alright?
  4. When you ask for sauce and they literally give you one sweet and sour and one barbeque even though you have ordered 4 large meals. Why does your face so screw up and your hand can reach into the box and give me more sauce?
  5. Paying for sauce is cheeky still. A young 10p for a Heinz Barbeque which covers about 6 chips. *Sighs in Spanish*

Amount of Food, Food Choices and Customer Service Skills

  1. Being in the drive thru longer than going in and ordering even though, it is me and 2 cars in front of me is long AF. It is FAST FOOD. I’ve got to watch EastEnders at 7.30 please.
  2. When you ask for salad at Subway and they give you 6 olives and 5 sweetcorn kernels. The same olives and sweetcorn I can buy at Lidl across the road. The whole point of Subway is salad, your telling me you can’t give me at least 15 kernels.
  3. People who come Subway and order a ham sandwich with no salad and mayo, sir I will invoice you for wasting my time. Your telling me you couldn’t go Tesco and get a ham sandwich or go home and make that yourself. Foolish goat.
  4. When people go McDonalds or KFC and that person in front of you order the whole entire menu. Excuse me, is this supersize me? Where you going?
  5. Staff who clearly don’t like their job. Sis, you need a sweetener daddy. You can’t even open your mouth and say, ‘Next Please’, you just look into my face or say ‘Hi, you alright’ and hope I understand it is me next. No Hun, we are not friends and you need to say it with your chest.

These are just a few issues I have with fast food outlets and customer service.

What about you?

Let me know in the comments!

So excited that it is BHM (Black History Month) – My First Post Comes Out Next Week!

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