Do you have a backup plan?

Sometimes in this life, things don’t go according to plan. So I ask, do you have a backup plan?

Chop life or let Boris Johnson and Aunty Coro chop life for you *sighs in Spanish*.

I know you can’t plan for everything in life.

However, when setting goals or aspirations in life, think about an alternative whilst trying to keep your happiness.

A back up plan could be anything to do with;

  • Money
  • Relationships (Friends and Family)
  • Property
  • Work
  • Death
  • Business
  • Health (Mental and Physical)

Going with the flow of life is all good but life isn’t always fluid as water.

Plus I’m not potential bae describing our relationship like the River Thames KMT.

A few real life examples of backup plans…

  • If a useless boy puts you in the friend zone but you thought he was bae? Don’t be a second option, log back into Hinge sis.
  • Business is booming? Can you handle the increase in sales and promotion?
  • If a babes breaks your heart and moves out – can you handle the bills on your own?
  • Can’t afford the trainers, buy the tracksuit as well as it = DRIP!
  • What happens if you get made redundant, can you bounce back?
  • Finding out your favourite brand is having a sale but you don’t have money. Take out a payment option like Clara (Really don’t do this btw)
  • Can’t drive? Proceed to tell everyone that you only date people who drive whilst you still study for your hazard perception test and await your provisional from Royal Mail. SMH!
  • Failed an exam? Schedule a retake.
  • Can’t execute plan B? Move onto plan M.
  • Don’t go to work? Go to work if you can but avoid public transport, if you can’t work from home.
  • What if someone in your life gets ill? Can you hold things up whilst they are recovering?
  • Bought the dress? Can’t afford it by but the shoe and bag so you can SLAY.
  • Speaking to yourself in their DMs? Stop talking and move on.
  • Spent all your student finance on lifestyle? Go into your overdraft and continue to live lavishly whilst barely passing your modules at Uni.

Try and have experience of doing life ‘on your own’ before sharing it with anyone. Sometimes you can only rely on yourself no matter the situation.

You never know what could happen to you or your loved ones.

Look how corona is chilling in our lives like its Netflix.

All in all – Life is LIFE and can be so unexpected.

Everyone faces different circumstances and challenges but being ready for any opportunities that come your way can be so beneficial.

Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare but just be grateful for the times you did!

I hope you are staying safe.

Peace until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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