Do’s and Don’ts of Summer

Wheel up, it is summertime school is closed. Some of you having been moving incorrectly and it it time to change. Come correct before the summer ends!

1 – 10

  1. Don’t open your stupid mouth and tell me ‘Aren’t you allowed to have friends?’ if I tell you I have a babes. This is not Facebook please.
  2. Do date whilst being in the talking stage, you aren’t tied down to anyone just yet.
  3. Do pay for your things. Are you fraud bae?
  4. Do bathe. Wash your skin daily. Some people don’t bathe but your skin is screaming for some Imperial Leather. Do better sis.
  5. Do lotion! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Why does your foot and elbows looked like you rolled around in a bag of flour? All purpose or plain?
  6. Do respect another people’s space on public transport, not every day you are so close to me, you can memorise the person’s number I am texting.
  7. Do have mannerz. Just because the sun shines occasionally, you forget to say excuse me. I’ll break your lips.
  8. Do read the menu when your out eating and check your bank account before you leave your yard.
  9. Do act responsibly. Yes, you are young but young choices make adult decisions.
  10. Don’t dress everyday like your the Chelsea Flower Show. Not everday floral and silk.

10 – 20

  1. Do try to avoid getting hypertension by FOMO.
  2. Do travel if you can. You don’t even have to go abroad, go to a different part of the UK.
  3. Do take the time to have manicures & pedicures, your toes cannot be doing gang signs and your infills cannot be doing mount Everest. Keep them neat and tidy.
  4. Don’t call a girl/guy that the guy/girl likes a dead ting.
  5. Don’t get salty when your friends are doing well. Support the ting!
  6. Do educate yourself. Learn something new every now and again!
  7. Do spend time with family, friends, work colleagues. Build relationships!
  8. Do mind your business. Unless you are willing to speak on something and face the consequences then your legally blind.
  9. Don’t take too much annual leave in the summer because in Winter, you’ll be struggling to take time off.
  10. Do realise that hot boy/girl summer is coming to an end.

What are your summer do’s and dont’s? Let me know in the comments.

Peace until next time.

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    Haha, I enjoyed this post!


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