Don’t Just Sit There! Start Acheiving Your 2019 Resolutions…..

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It is 3 full weeks into the new year.

Mama we made it! New Year, New Mindset right.

By this time, all the new years resolutions you have set out for this year become non-existent, and you realise you’ve put them on the 2020 to do list. LOL YOU SEE YOUR LIFE.

One thing that I will push this year is mindset.

If the mind can believe it, you can achieve it.

As always, a new year starts setting resolutions which you aim to achieve throughout the year. This could be something as going to the gym, moving jobs, growing  beard, eating more cheesecake, happiness, peace, completing your studies etc.

Now I don’t think resolutions is the correct term, goal setting should be the term!

Now how do you actually achieve your resolutions/goals, as a lot can change in a year. The first thing to do is to make sure your goals are SMART. Like DJ Khaled, you smart!

SMART stands for






For example, you want a new job this year yes! I am liking the mindset. But that’s a very generic resolution. Let’s SMART up this goal. ‘I want a new job in the next 6 months within marketing’ – This can be achieved by studying a marketing course or getting marketing experience, in a position as a junior marketer which I can make the minimum £18k. This is specific (within marketing), measurable (improving my skills and studying courses), achievable (becoming a junior marketer), realistic (£18k salary expectations) and time (6 months).

Does that make sense? I see people saying they want to do the absolute MOST for 2019 but you have to be realistic and apply it to your situation e.g. your finances, your surroundings and your accessibility to things. Don’t necessarily limit yourself but have a big man talk with yourself and see if you can do it,

Also establish your why. Why do you have that goal/resolution? E.g. You want to go to the gym. – why? To tone up? Better fitness? Lose weight? Meet bae #lol?  Once you have your why, you will be more consistent and more willing to achieve that goal.

Another thing I believe in is speaking things into existence. Jealously and the ‘evil eye’ is real, so I don’t mean go and tell everyone your resolutions or your goals cause there are bad people and they will take your ideas or steal your flow. We are in an age of ‘If you don’t see it, then it is not being done’ but that is not true. Working on things in the background and smashing your goals is achievement.

Work in silence and let the success be your noise’

How is your goal setting/achieving going? I am still hovering over the ‘Click to Pay’ on the gym website LOOOOOL.

Forget the resolutions, smash your goals and have a great 2019.

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A




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  1. bingingonabudget 21/01/2019 at 9:56 pm

    Great advice, what’s your main resolution for this year?

    1. thisgirlcanwritea 21/01/2019 at 10:44 pm

      Thank you for reading the post, mine is to finally go to the gym, travel more, read 3 books a month, and get a new job! What about you?


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