December Mood


Why is it December please? 2019 has flown by. I still haven’t been flown out but we move.

December is such a interesting time of year.


Sis, have you checked those goals that you set all the way back in Jan?! Have you achieved or being a step closer to achieving these goals? Better get cracking sis.

New Month, New Flow, New Mindset!

Festive Spirit

Not to mention the constant reminder of being in the ‘festive spirit’ and season. It’s not really everyday but Christmas comes for your neck, each year badder than the year before. Personally, I find it draining and actually lowkey pressuring, retailers you need to rest.

Winter Mood

Plus a winter mood is a real thing. Try and indulge into some sort of winter self care routine. Purchase a bright light cause who’s got time to looking the darkness at 7am.

2020 Vision

Set the vibrations and mood you want to bring in 2020 from now. Look at your goals and begin to think about what you want 2020 to look like.

Don’t let nobody’s son or daughter from dating to friendships to work colleagues to teammates or whoever take you for an eediat. Cause you are worth it and deserve better.

How do you feel about December?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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