Dating ‘Potential’

So, from last week you will realise I think that dating apps are the ghetto and it got me thinking about how we are sold on the potential of someone.

For example, on the app, a girl’s profile could have drip, but she really wears denim from 1997 that is not trending. Or you show your friends his ‘really nice’ pictures, but it a random apartment on Rightmove and he has a bunk bed. A whole bunk bed at 29 years old, Issa NO from me!

You’re dating the person of your imagination…

I’m sure we have all dated someone who has potential, but it is worth the risk of investing.

Not all potential is good and not all investment is positive.

Some peoples’ potential is just one break away from success. (Imagine Mark Zuckerberg’s wife who dated him whilst he was making Facebook) whereas some peoples’ potential is getting closer to being a bum. #sorrynotsorry

Telling your girls, he is a great person, but he is always talking about his ex. Are you a substitute babe or Nah?

They have messaged you stating ‘That you are the person they are looking for and they think they are falling in love with you’, but you matched 36 hours before June 21st…. (Please RUN if they tell you this!)

Seeing the red flags clearly, but he/she will change. Are they a caterpillar?

You are asking God for a ‘sign’, he shows you he does fraud, but he is buying himself a Rolex and you still have to pay for your Uber home.

Some people will not change no matter how much you ‘invest’ in them. In this economy and panasonic, you cannot take me for an EEDIAT!

Your potential bae should not be a project. Maybe I can fix him or her. Are you a project manager outside your day job?

See people for who they are and not what they want to present! Date people for their credentials, what they bring to the table, and/or their personality

We can present ourselves anyhow online, but you must do your Googles and research them especially dating online. Be safe and do not get your feelings involved too early on.

Your name is ‘Kwame’ online, but you could be a man called John in his 50s from Tortington. Even Microsoft Word doesn’t know where that is.

Dating potential can be long.

However, if you do decide to go down that route you need to be sure of what you are investing into. Make sure you have all the receipts, and you are ready to take it on financially, mentally, and physically. Relationships are hard work!

Do you see and date potential in people? If so, why?

Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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