6 tips to boost your confidence

In this lockdown it is very hard to be confident as we don’t know how the new normal will look like.

However do not lose hope!

Being confident is a skill to have through the good and bad times – believe in your sauce!

  1. Focus! It is very easy to lose focus on what you don’t have especially during this unprecedented times. But this is the season to focus on you. Focus on what you do have and what you want to get in life! Without focus, you won’t get very far.
  2. Growth! Develop a growth mind-set. Train your mind to accept and seek growth. Change isn’t meant to be comfortable and sometimes you need to grow in order to move along in life.
  3. Self-talk! Improve your self-talk. Don’t listen to your inner critical voice all the time. Talk positively over your life and affirm yourself and the people around you and you will flourish.
  4. Believe! Believe in your sauce, you are not free salsa, you are guacamole my friend.
  5. Self-care! It is not always nails and bath bombs. This ranges from how you dress, are you eating and/or sleeping enough, keeping up with hygiene and just generally looking after yourself. You can only be the best version of you if you look after yourself. You deserve it.
  6. Challenge! Challenge yourself to learn a new skill, a Tik Tok dance, a hobby or find a new passion. Start that project you’ve been procrastinating on, send that email that you’ve been avoiding or sign up to that course. Let’s get it!

In this time, you are enough my friend. It is all about the choice you make. You chose to overcome fear and self-doubt. Having confidence doesn’t come overnight, it is a gradual process. A caterpillar to a butterfly!

Also Black Lives still matter – today, tomorrow, and every day after that. Keep supporting the ting and look out for BPD day this Saturday! Check it out on your socials!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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