2020 Black and Proud

With all the unfortunate events going on in America and the BLM movement, being black is more special than ever.

“It DoEsN’t HaPpEn In ThE UK” – I’ve heard people say

Being black in the UK has some of the following experiences;

  • Going to ‘work’ drinks with colleagues and they assume you’re a gangster.
  • Constantly getting questions about your hair and how often do you wash it.
  • Assuming we are cleaners or ‘low-skilled’ staff and not actually working in the office or management.
  • I have black friends too. – Says a white person as if it is an achievement.
  • Being asked ‘Where are you really from?’ and not being satisfied that I come from the UK, I obviously come from Wakanda.
  • You get introduced to the other black people in the workplace and getting asked ‘Do you know each other?’ when you first start a job.
  • Abbreviating your first name because they can’t spell or pronounce it.
  • Reading and studying curriculum from white scholars and authors.
  • Being told to go back home after Brexit.
  • Followed around a local shop by staff.

These are some of the micro-aggressions, covert racism we face in the UK. But the UK is seen as a ‘progressive, diverse and equal’ society.

Black lives matter is about protecting ourselves and raising our concerns about how we are treated and the struggles we face whether in the US or UK.

If you are silent about what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmuad Arbery and many others – then you need to take a hard look at yourself.

I am proudly black and will continue to be and just hope my skin colour will not cause me further barriers to realise my full potential.

Stop staying silent about racism and use your voice to speak up, support the cause and realise Black Lives Matter!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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