Black Mamba Mentality

The infamous character the black mamba known as Kobe Bryant and 8 others died on a helicopter ride this week including his daughter Gianna and her teammates.

This was such an untimely death and such a loss for the black and worldwide community.

Black Mamba

A black mamba is a snake from sub Saharan Africa with deadly capabilities. They are fast, lethally venomous and highly aggressive. That was the same when Kobe was on the court. He was deadly.

Growing up, my brother was into basketball and Kobe was easily the ‘Michael Jordan’ of his generation before Lebron James, Kyrie Irving or Steph Curry came into the fold. So we were aware of Kobe’s greatness and just pure athletic talent from early.

He was such an inspiration to black boys worldwide to get into basketball or sports and rise to the top. His daughter was becoming an inspiration to girls wanting to get into the WNBA. She genuinely had love for the game and she was looking to be the next biggest female NBA player.

Mindset and Mentality

A black mamba mentality is to constantly be yourself and be a better version than yesterday and that is something to subscribe to in your daily life especially for 2020. Kobe himself said it was about focusing on the process and trusting in your hard work when it matters the most. It is an approach to attack something in front of you with passion, purpose and no fear. That is a mind-set!

This man was so powerful and his influence was so great, even athletes and non-athletes subscribe to that mentality.


When someone who we aspire to or believe is untouchable dies, it really put things into perspective. Kobe was 41 and some of our parents are older than this and even though he has retired from the NBA, he was still young.

Appreciate what and who you have around you if you can as some people will come into your life, for a reason, season or lifetime.

As the cliché thing goes ‘Tomorrow is never promised’. It really isn’t, you can be here today and gone tomorrow. If you are here tomorrow, think of that ‘black mamba mentality’ and try to be a better version of yourself than yesterday.

‘Never forget yesterday but always live for today because you never know what tomorrow can bring or take way’.

I just want to say thank you Kobe for being a great black successful role model, playing sensational basketball and leaving a legacy along the way.

RIP to you, your beautiful daughter Gianna and everyone else on that helicopter.

Did Kobe have an impact on your life? If so, what was it?

Peace until next time.

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