Being Festive Is Long

This ‘festive’ period is forced upon us and I don’t want to be involved.

From literally November, Christmas is the next big thing of the calendar year and every year you have to be festive and it is by force.

All around you

Coffee shops bring out ‘Christmas flavoured drinks’, retailers, bring out dresses for the Christmas party, there is Christmas food everywhere, the Christmas tunes are playing all the time and card shops only seem to sell Christmas cards like say we cant have birthdays, births, anniversary is December as well.

I am not in your mood for real. I find it overwhelming.


All the food, do you want me to have a roast dinner of some sort every week until Christmas? It is not everyday parsnips and Brussel sprouts you know. All this veg that I don’t eat over the year, you want me to eat for Christmas for a higher price. Please, relax yourself. And those ‘mince pies’, which doesn’t contain meat. False advertising, it should be a cheesy beef pattie or a meat pie.


Then the presents, where is the Argos catalogue that you circle, and you maybe get 4 things out of a possible 50 things you’ve circled. Not every day is drip, sometimes you need a practical gift. Balenciaga this and Gucci that. My friend, you will get a £25 gift voucher for JD. Or the person who goes ‘Don’t get me anything or I don’t know what I want for Christmas. It stresses me out, my friend you will get a gift card to ‘I don’t know; ‘shop for £20.

Does someone want to gift me a 2-bed house and pay off my student loan for Christmas? Tag your sponsor.


Family is cool but nothing is worse when your grandma tries to bad you up at the dinner table on Christmas eve asking again for the 15th time ‘So, do you have a boyfriend?’. If I slap. Or the aunty who twists up her face cause no one ate her contribution to the dinner table. Aunty I am sorry, but your food was dry.

Then the cousins, who ask you – is there games on your phone? #sigh And the forced family fun and interaction – Mum I don’t see this Uncle all year, but you want me to pass him the potatoes cause it is Christmas. Jog on mate.


Everything becomes 10 times busier, especially in town. Going to town on the weekend, is unreal. You want me to queue in the same car park that I drive too Monday to Friday, on the weekend and fight for spaces. Absolute myth. I will be taking public transport until further notice.

I find the whole Christmas period, lowkey stress, I want December to start from the 27th tbh.

Do you enjoy the festive period or think it is long?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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