Bad Energy Stay Far Away…..

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It comes it different forms from mechanical, light, thermal and sound but I am talking about your energy as a person.

Having good energy or being around people with good energy can really change your mindset!

It is so good to have the right energy with you as it can either make things positive or negative. This goes from anything from food and drink, friendships, relationships, family, work, school, home etc

Everybody loves positive energy, you put something into the universe, and you can a positive response back, it is lit. you revise hard for an exam and you get a good grade. You finished a project at work and got praise from your manager. You sent a risky text to future bae and you got the response you wanted.

Nothing is worse than dead energy, or on the opposite is it is like a flickering bulb that is annoying. Off the light please abeg.

Eagerness to succeed, learn, drive and move forward.

Negotiate and get the best deal for you in the situation you are in.

Effective thoughts.

Receive your blessings.

Grow as a person, sister, brother, father, mother, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, student, employee, cousin, grandchild.

Yield results.

They say do good to you as they do to others, so having good energy for yourself and other people, hopefully life will treat you well.

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Peace until next time,

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