Another week, another A word. Last week was all about Audacity and this week it is all about Authenticity.

You’ll be surprised how many people these days are NOT authentic and even know their true selves.

A lack of authenticity will have you seeking approval and validation from others.

That is a pandemic within a pandemic itself.

You are an original version of yourself so why would you want to be something or someone else?

There is one of you.

I’d personally be tired of trying to be someone else on a daily. Does it pay well?

Driving a Mercedes and it is all on the gram but you only know how to drive forward.


Saying you were a badman back in the day, but you got sent shop to buy Haribo’s for the real badman.


Selling a gym workout focusing on a booty guide but you’ve had have a BBL and have only been gym consistently for the past 2 months.


Saying you a fountain of knowledge and having the need to constantly be ‘right’ but you are scrambling on Google to get facts about a topic.


You are in an office job saying your Excel skills are proficient, but you don’t know how to format a common spreadsheet.


Buying drip in the wrong size (buying a size 8 when you are a size 6.5), because it is drip. #dripordrown


The examples are mad, but you get the gist.

Just be yourself, please.

You are already someone! If you don’t know something or not in the space yet, don’t worry. Knowledge is power and you will get there one day.

Build a life from the inside first.

Are you authentically yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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