Asking Myself – Who Do I Love?

Shout out to YG for that lyric!

This is my confession…

I am at the age when people around you or people you directly know seem to be getting engaged, finding long term partners, buying a house or being all loved with bae. And you seem to ask yourself, so do who I love? The pressure is lowkey rising but I cannot come and die for societal and family pressure. Aunty shave your moustache and stop asking me ‘When will you marry?’

Life and pressure

In this life, you could feel some pressure about love and relationships, you cannot make Twitter dictate that you should be part of cuffing season. Sis, you got a whole husband. You can sit out of this one. I know the mornings are darker and it will be getting colder, but I know I don’t want to be hugging some useless boy just to say, I have been cuffed. Am I Jeans?  I rather have my sweetener daddy give me my allowance to buy Christmas presents lool. #justbanter

Life will put pressure on you to have things in order by a certain age or timeframe but its 2019. People move very mad and common sense is not that common. So I rather love someone properly at 32 than rush now and trying to love somone.

Not your portion

Sometimes, it is not your season or time to be in a relationship with a significant other. And that is okay. Some other relationships are more important like, family, work colleagues, classmates, friends, gym partners than having that person by your side. Not everyone desires a relationship, marriage, children and you shouldn’t judge.

I need self-love first before I can love somebody else.

What I am trying to say is that focus on yourself, self love and the right people will come and be around you. Not some useless boy or girl you met 6 hours ago on Tinder (unless you are a unicorn aka very special)

So, who do you love?

Peace until next time,

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