Are you Casper? – A Ghost?

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Public Service Announcement for all you people who ghost, you are a foolish goat.

Ghosting for people who don’t know is when a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice before hand. (Urban Dictionary)

Why must you ghost? Are you Power?

Sometimes ghosting is needed as you told the person you are not interested or you’ve broken up/fallen out and they still contact you like everything is normal. However, most times you can’t be bothered to open your stupid mouths to tell me that you are not interested.

I hope your tongue falls out your mouth.

You ‘ghosters’ are professional deceivers, you build a pretence and sell a dream that things are going okay and then you cut. It is like you have built a wall for your stupidity like Donald Trump.

You think I will get the hint that you don’t want to talk anymore, am I a password? You better open up your mouth and tell me something.

These are the Top 5 Things ‘Ghosters’ say;

  1. Sorry I was busy. – I appreciate that but you’ve been busy for more than 15 working days.
  2. Sorry I wasn’t near my phone. – This one is usually a lie cause they’ve just posted on Snapchat 2 mins ago.
  3. Oh sorry I thought I replied. – Well clearly you didn’t.
  4. My phone died – For 4 days straight?! Gerra out here man!
  5. Who’s this? – You’ve usually been blocked by this point.

Notice how the common theme is sorry. You know damn well, you ain’t sorry – Why you always lying hun? When you ghost, it leaves the door so open and I have so many questions as to why you haven’t replied.

If you respect my Ye, the decency of telling me that you prefer for us to go our separate ways and not communicate leaves me no stress of guessing what went wrong. This applies for men and women btw.

For the men that has ghosted on me, I hope your hairline recedes and your trainer size is always out of stock.

In 2019, we are not standing for ghosting and lack of communication. We are not the US government, we must do better. Tell the person, if you are not feeling them and keep it moving (KIM).

I hope the next person who comes into your life doesn’t ghost and you are with that special someone for Valentine’s Day!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write A

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  1. preudoh 06/02/2019 at 4:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing! It’s always disappointing but when we meet the realest we are sure he/she is.

    1. thisgirlcanwritea 08/02/2019 at 7:38 am

      Thank you for reading! You will know when he/she is the sweet one for sure. Happy Friday!

  2. Ghost 08/02/2019 at 9:32 am

    Ghosting is mad but some people go through a hermit phase where they are just doing them. Go in their shell then come back out 👀

  3. quitefranklyxo 10/02/2019 at 7:24 pm

    SIS! The worst is when they don’t even provide an explanation and carry on the conversation from where it left off. If I truly slap. Anyway, absolutely loveddd this post!


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