Are things getting on top of you?

You know dem ones. Everything is doing formula 1 in your life and you’re trying to take it nice and slow like Usher. Things are literally going at 100 mph.

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Your to do list is 1000 lines and you feel like there is no escape in your responsibilities and you don’t know where to turn. Everything is #lestruggle and you want to have unlimited naps. Life is not a Vodafone contract my friend, you should start facing your responsibilities and problems head on.

I’m going through the phase atm and let me tell you it isn’t easy. This thing called life isn’t a joke and can creep up on you like Solange and Jay Z in that elevator. Your plate is barely keeping together with the amount of stuff is on it and you can barely find the ‘cutlery’ to reduce the workload. You have so many plates to spin and one day all the plates are falling like Alicia Keys. Too much responsibility and everything is urgent. Looking like same or next day deliveries from Amazon. #stress

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It’s funny how people love to say they are ‘busy’ and have so much going on, but more time they are looking like a ghost-writer and just doing mannequin challenge aka not a lot at all. Being busy doesn’t mean that you’re working smartly or correctly. You could be putting all your energy into something that is not worth your while or you’re doing it for the culture. None of that, when your truly busy or you have things on, you won’t even have time to say it because you are on the hustle, the grind.

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One of most terrible feelings is when you genuinely feel like the walls of Jericho ha-ha no the walls of life are closing in. You are pushing and resisting #lookatthestrength but nothing is happening and they keep on getting closer and closer. Please this is not Wizkid ft. Drake. You know when life gets too much it is not L’Oréal, not even worth it. As the saying goes, when life gives your lemons and you can only remember Beyoncé’s album and not how to make actual lemonade #issaproblem

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You just want to nap and forgot your problems but this isn’t Chris Brown and you can’t go back to sleep. The question is how do you tackle it all, if you need to tackle or all or how do you step back and find any method to the madness? *WhatsApp thinking emoji* I have some tips to help you;

1. Don’t stay in your own thoughts – When you are going through a tough period, it’s very easy to be in your own thoughts and being pessimistic AF. Try to keep a little more optimism in your thoughts.

2. Stick to main priorities – Yes you will feel like you have a million priorities but you must pick out what is important. What will impact your life the most if it’s not done or actioned, e.g. Health and Wellbeing, Finance, Family, Travelling. Not remembering to buy kale the next time you go the supermarket – Taking the time to figure out what you need to do in the next 2 days and not the whole month makes it much more manageable.

3. Know when it’s getting too much – It’s very easy to pile everything on and then realise you are lost in the biggest pot of rice and peas. Say no to certain things and take a breather. If you continue to take stuff on you won’t be the true version or yourself and you will be looking like a slip and slide water ride. #outtacontrol

4. Believe the storm will pass – The hard times seem like a black hole where it feels never ending and life keeps hitting you again and again like a tropical storm, however the storm will have to pass and hopefully less harsh or brighter times, will come ahead. #gottokeepthefaith

5. Talk – Now this doesn’t mean spill your tea to everyone and their Uncle but confide in someone whether it’s a family member, bae, friend, therapist or someone. I can’t tell if anything is wrong if you say you’re ‘fine’ but your body language and attitude is saying something completely different. Your BP can’t be doing the most and you can’t talk about it. Someone will be there to listen and try and help as best as they can.

6. Stay positive – I know it sounds odd but when things are not going according to plan, you look at everything with tinge of grey and become negative Nancy. Staying positive will improve your mind set and can help to create a balance.

7. Have a break, have a KitKat – Sometimes you need to take several seats, sit back and have a break. Try and clear your mind, like your clear your internet history it can help to see the bigger picture. Is it really that deep?

8. Listen to yourself – You are responsible for living your best life and the way you live it, if you listen to your inner self, you’ll know what to do.

When life is coming for you, tell it to tek time tek time, slow whine slow whine. Remember your sauce and take it one step at a time. People who are successful or good things are consistently happening to them, didn’t happen overnight. Trust the process.

Peace until next time,

This Girl can write, A


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