April Favourites

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Happy Bank Holiday Monday, I hope you are enjoying this unexpected sunshine, cause it is lit!

Anyway, I have been thinking and I thought I’d share my favourites for this month. April is flying by – we are nearly in May. Where is the time going please?

Anyway, let’s go…


A2 – @a2_vii

Why was I not put onto this gentleman’s music earlier? He is such a vibe, it is unreal. I literally started listening to him and he is musically talented. I love him on ‘Tell Me’ and ‘I Need’.


  • Them Vs Us EP
  • I Need
  • Tell Me
  • Smoked Out – The start of this tune is like what you want to see under your 2 drugs – WAVES.

Koffee – @originalkoffee

If you only Koffee you know is Nescafe or Starbucks, you are not living. This girl from JA is busting down the airwaves with her litty flow, clever wordplay and just great music. Coming up from Coco Tea and Chronixx, this young girl has a future ahead of her. If you know about her version of ‘Ye’, and her songs ‘Rapture’ and ‘Toast’ it is a vibe.


  • Toast
  • Rapture
  • 1xtra session with Chronixx
  • Her version of Burna Boy’s Ye

Odunsi The Engine – @odunsitheengine

I have heard this man on tracks My Wave with Juls and Sona but when I heard him on Tipsy ft RAYE, I was sold! That is a CHUNE! And he has got bangers such as ‘In the Morning’, Falling and many others. A very sophisticated artist!


  • Tipsy ft RAYE
  • Santi feat Odunsi – Gangsta Fear
  • Falling
  • Divine ft Davido


Oooh I love me some podcasts, if I have headphones in – I am listening to a podcast if it is not music. I am listening to one now whilst writing this blog post. There is so many to choose from!

Anyway, here is my top 5ish (no particular order)

90s Baby Show

They have great guests – Hilarious conversations – Temi Alchemy and Fr3d Santana are a dynamic duo and 90s babies like me and talk about a range of topics from sex, fashion, black culture, music etc


Chuckie Online, Poet the Corner, (Savage Dan occasionally) and Callum – Great visuals, interesting deep topics with awesome guests and just a good wholesome podcast with some jokes in-between.


A light hearted take on economics and politics explained in simple terms that even you and your mum can understand lol. Disunomics is jokes and he talks about issues regarding tax, culture, money, Brexit and various economic and political topics – Tell a friend and get involved cause these issues really affect you now and in the near future

The Receipts

Come on, this podcast is lit. Tolly T, Milena and Audrey are like everyone’s big sisters and they give great advice, pure banter and it is a great listen. Take note ladies and gentlemen and if you need any help send in a dilemma.

Code Pink

These 3 ladies started in 2019 and their podcast is hilarious. They are so relatable, too funny and give advice that is so useful. I really hope the podcast grows in 2019 and the episodes keep flowing!

These are the others that I listen to and will fully recommend

They all on Spotify which I listen to all my Podcasts on!


I follow one or two blogs and here are my favourites

  • Jenna’s World View – Sis’s blog is lit, and her content is A1+ lol – Her latest series – Views from the Mandem is excellent!
  • Coco Creativ – Her newsletters are banging and take her branding quiz!
  • Olliviette – Real advice from a real girl, her posts make me smile!
  • Frankie – Love the blog and her content is A1.
  • Saabirah Lawrence – Her natural hair, wellness and empowerment posts give me life!
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