Anti-Bucket List

Things I Don’t Want To Experience In This life

Common Things

  • Not being able to buy all purpose seasoning, the struggle is real.
  • Fall for somebody’s useless son.
  • Going to a haunted house, work scares me on a daily basis – please.
  • Do them challenges where you have to go in water – do you really need to see my curl pattern?

Being Black And The Rest

  • Not being black, being black is sensational.
  • De-wigging someone’s daughter cause they are too rude.
  • Jump of a cliff, never understood that one there.
  • Go skinny dipping, the only person that needs to see me naked is my man and the hospital. Rest.

Not Living My Best Life

  • Living life like a spinster, now, my destiny is looking like I will be a cat lady but I am hoping it will change.
  • Being called black beauty on dating apps. I have had enough.
  • Consistently being tired and drained, it is hard man.
  • Not having enough money to make ends meet, in this life if you don’t have money you dey suffer o.
  • Going into companies to be one of the handful of black people there, we must do better – diversify the office sis.

These are just a handful of things on my life, what would be on yours? Let me know in the comments.

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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