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Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

This Girl Can Write A (TGCWA) contains varied content from a short story, to general advice, storytimes, university experiences, dating and relationship and lifestyle with a sprinkle of black girl magic.

I enjoy writing and hope I can make a difference and contribute to the blogsphere sharing my little experiences making you ‘keke’ like Drake along the way cause let’s face it, I have held a few major L’s in my life like having learning plates on your car whilst learning to drive.

Myself, my name is Ashlee, I work in an office, a young university graduate, I use metaphors in everyday life, and personally I am just a straight up G with a sprinkle of black excellence for good measure #saltbae. Also I still live at home #forthislifeicannotchange with the parents so no guys come to my house unless it is the DHL man #sigh

So this is the place to get a different perspective, a view of life in the UK, a real life Uni experience, life advice and realising you are not alone and the life you live is or isn’t as weird or wild as it may seem, be inspired and bust two two jokes with your friends and family.

My email is thisgirlcanwritea@gmail.com if you fancy a chat, or a shoutout or sending me a million pounds.

I am also PR friendly and open to working with brands, please contact me on the email above!

I hope you enjoy my content!

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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