A Basic Black Girl Morning Routine

  1. Wake up before my alarm and thank the man above for waking me up and letting me see through another day.
  2. Fully stare at my ceiling for 5 mins or so hoping my destiny will change lol and I won’t have to go to work and the building is no longer there.
  3. Check my socials and post on Insta for the day.
  4. Realise it hasn’t and go toilet and start getting ready for work.
  5. Shower (which involves washing my whole body #sideeye) and listen to a podcast – anything from 3 Shots of Tequila, Off the Cuff, 90s Baby Show, Adzvice.
  6. Come out the shower, and ask myself do I really need this job, or shall I call in sick?
  7. Realise I need the job cause in this life, if you don’t make money o, you will suffer.
  8. Cream, and then put on any combination of clothes with the least ironing cause ironing is not my portion in life.
  9. Do my hair but it is winter so its headscarf life until Feb minimum.
  10. Cream my face and brush my teeth ((I don’t wear makeup, cause I will look like the Joker and work will get whatever face I give it)
  11. Grab my bag from downstairs, make a cheeky little sandwich if I haven’t done the night before and pack breakfast. Then I head out the door to do my daily commute of nonsense until I reach my office.

What is your morning routine?

Peace Until Next Time,

This Girl Can Write, A

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