Struggling with Focusing? Here are 8 Ways To Become More Focused

Remember my ‘Are things getting on top of you post‘? Does these things still apply?

Do you have a lack of focus in life? Fear not my friend, get it back on track!

Been so busy

Everyone loves to say ‘I am busy or been so busy recently’ but what are you actually doing? We focus on various things in life putting time, feelings and effort into various projects, family, friends, studies sometimes with no real return. Forget that, we want return on our investments because there is one thing you can’t get back in time and feeling my G’s.

Going too fast

Sometimes you are doing the most and everything is going at 110mph – you are cooking, then studying, then going to the gym, then spending time with bae, then studying again, spending time with family, watching your YouTube videos, trying to cross off things off your to do list and it is only 12pm. Slow down (Bobby Valentino voice).

24 hours

Now, I know we all have the same 24 hours in the day like Beyoncé but how we use those 24 hours make us different. Stop living in fear, use those 24 hours to the maximum benefit to you and hopefully do the same the next day when it comes (God willing).

8 ways

  1. Define what is necessary i.e. Urgent, not so urgent but important, something that needs to be done and not important at all. Assess a task by its urgency and importance. Pick what you NEED to do.
  2. FOCUS ON THE PROCESS, not the destination. A lot of us don’t live and appreciate the process, we just want to get to the results. You need to work before reaping the fruits of your labour, trust the process.
  3. Automate. There are apps and tools that do it for you instead of you ‘wasting’ hours doing everything E.G. Evernote, To Do List, Tailwind, Google Notes, Google Calendar Journal it!
  4. Weekly to do lists. Daily ones are a myth, tasks get passed on till June 2019. Make a broad weekly one with various targets and highlight using symbols of absolute MUSTS e.g. Get petrol, Go Bank, Respond to emails etc
  5. DON’T multitask. Unless you have a cat with 9 lives, you only have one life to live and you cannot come and die for multitasking and being overwhelmed. That is a fast track to burning out and feel guilty for not completing tasks. We don’t want that!
  6. Persistence. If you are learning something and it is not going in, try a different approach, watch YouTube, read a blog post, ask people around you for advice, don’t quit till you understand it and can perform the task with ease!
  7. Make time for things that are important to you. Something you think is a waste of time for you, could be a very important part of someone’s day. Don’t neglect these things in order to appear ‘busy’, do things you enjoy and are important!
  8. Practice self-care. It is all good running around like a headless chicken, however sometimes just CHILL. Go out to eat, watch an episode of a series on Netflix, or go for a walk or have a relaxing bath. It is all about balance!

“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Focus on your character, not your reputation.
Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Peace until next time,

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