7 Amazing New Job Hacks

First of all, congratulations on getting a new job! Yass. Hopefully this job will bring you success, opportunities, promotions and maybe even friendships.

So you’ve started a new job and you are not sure how to navigate your new workplace? I have got some hacks for you!

7 Hacks

  1. Don’t be a chatty patty. No one likes the person who has just started and talks non-stop.
  2. Read your contract. I can’t stress this enough, you NEED to read your contract. To find out your notice period, when you can expect to get paid, how your sick leave works, how many hours are you contracted to do. You need to know these things so you don’t get taken for eediat by your employers.
  3. Speak up and ask questions when you are getting trained, nothing is worse than when you get trained, do the task and realise you don’t understand nothing.
  4. Write and make notes so you can easily refer and go back to them. Type them up if you have. You don’t want to look like the Mr Krabs meme when you are left to complete the work.
  5. Adhere to the dress code. Don’t come in your sliders and don’t come in that Burberry shirt so it looks like you finished work at 5pm and a christening at 6pm.
  6. Be an observer. Observe who are the key players are, who isn’t so positive, people’s hygeiene and the way that the office works so you know how to move as you get along in the role.
  7. Not everyday be a screface, be friendly and approachable. You don’t know who you will meet in your first week, might be your saviour later to come.

I hope your new job goes well, and if you are looking for a new job, I hope one comes for you!

Peace until next time,

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